Reflux Advice

Have you been told your baby has reflux? Did you know that reflux isn’t just a condition to be medicated, or coped with? Did you know Reflux IS NOT normal! Much like bladder weakness, it’s common, but NOT normal! Reflux is a symptom of other things & finding out what has caused the problem, can help you to solve it – helping your baby be more comfortable & settled.

Lots of people come to the Sling Library for this very reason. Their baby has reflux & they need a sling/carrier to help keep their baby upright, whilst keeping their handsfree.

I am currently in the process of training as a “Baby Reflux Lady” to help you drill down into the possible causes of your baby’s reflux & to suggest routes to resolving it. I can’t help you until I’ve completed my Certification, but in the meantime, check out these options with Áine the original Baby Reflux Lady.

Reflux Free Baby.

– No, baby reflux isn’t normal, and it isn’t harmless.
– It’s NOT all in your head.
– Your gut instincts are right.
– There is something that needs resolving.
You need to finally get the answers to your baby reflux questions.
You’re in the right place with the World’s ONLY Online Workshop that will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to understand reflux & find relief for your baby!
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Reflux Free Baby:
Weaning Course

Did you know 54% of babies with reflux get WORSE when they start having food?
-The most stressful part of weaning should be cleaning up the mess your little one creates, not about whether the food they eat will make them feel worse or not.
-You deserve to know what foods your baby can eat.
-You deserve to have confidence in your meal selections.
-You deserve to enjoy parethood.
-Your baby deserves to be free from all pain and discomfort so that their little personality can really start to shine through.
This 6 week Course can help!
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