Knowing You Are Safe In Your Sling/Carrier.

This FREE vBook is intended as a partial substitute for the free Safety Checks that we usually offer at Drop-In Sessions. We are most commonly asked about Stretchy Wraps, Close Caboo’s, the ErgoBaby 360 & Omni 360.



Before buying this vBook, please ensure:
*You do not have any medical concerns about yourself or your baby,
*Your Baby was not premature & was a healthy weight at birth (not considered to be Low Birth Weight) & you have not been told that they have low muscle tone,
*Your Baby is now within the recommended weight limits for the sling/carrier you have.
(If you have any health concerns, your baby was small or early or is currently below the weight limits of your carrier, please book an Online Consultation instead of buying a vBook.)

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Thanks again.

Sarah – South London Sling Library