Stretchy Wraps & Hybrids


To find out about Stretchy Wraps and Hybrid Carriers and their different features and options, read the information page here: Stretchy Wraps and Hybrids

The South London Sling Library currently has the following Stretchy Wraps:

The Loan Fee for most stretchy carriers is £5

AmaWrapAmawrap Stretchy Wrap – great value wrap that feels soft and supportive from new and produced by a London mum! Support the SLSL by using referral code “ret16” when buying from Amawrap! Deposit value is £25

Boba Wrap (formerly Sleepy Wrap) – Soft and stretchy material, this wrap is reasonably lightweight and very easy to use, though not the most supportive of our stretchy wraps. Deposit value is £40

ByKay Aqua WrapByKay Aqua Wrap – super lightweight stretchy wrap suitable for use in wet environments – great for by the pool or in the shower! Deposit value is £40

ByKay EssentialByKay Essential Jersey Wrap – soft and long this wrap offers a nice weight support without feeling too hot or heavy to wear. Deposit value is £40

ByKay DesignByKay Original Jersey Wrap – Wider and with a rolled hem finish to all edges, this is the most popular ByKay jersey wrap.  Offering fantastic support, even for heavy babies, without feeling hot or heavy. Deposit value is £50.  This wrap also comes in the Design version with appliqued pattern and deposit value £60

Cot2TotCot2Tot Wrap – very soft and with a nice level of elastic stretch and support for very easy use. Deposit value is £30

Hana Baby Wrap  (available in 2 lengths) – made from sustainable bamboo-blend fabric, this is our lightest, coolest and least bulky stretchy wrap. Despite this, we’ve found it to be both supportive and comfortable, even for bigger babies. Deposit Value is £40

Happy Wrap – made from super lightweight bamboo blend fabric, this wrap is great for summer and for smaller babies.  Deposit value is £40

Hoppediz Stretchy Wrap (available in extra long length) – this light-feeling stretchy wrap offers excellent weight distribution and support even for bigger babies.  Deposit value is £35

Je Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) Original Wrap* – super stretchy, wide and strong wrap that offers excellent support even for bigger babies. We have both short and long versions of this wrap. Loan fee is £6, deposit value is £60

***NEW JPMBB Basic Wrap –  The lighter and more economical version of the super elastic JPMBB original, with no pocket this is still great to use from birth. Loan fee is £5, deposit value is £40

Kangawrap – Made by UK midwives, this soft, lightweight, organic and Fairtrade stretchy wrap has been used in research with premature babies in hospitals! Deposit value is £45

Kari Me – a mid-weight stretchy wrap with a strong elastic stretch, offering ease of use and a great level of support and comfort. Loan fee is £5, deposit value is £40

Manduca Wrap – brand new stretchy wrap from the makers of the ever-popular Manduca baby carrier. Deposit value is £50

Moby Wrap – great value, comfortable stretchy wrap carrier, thicker and hotter to wear than other brands (but lovely and snuggly in the winter) and some may find it bulkier than other stretchy wraps. Deposit value is £35

Moby Midweight Wrap – a lighter and less bulky version of the classic Moby wrap. Deposit value is £35

Snugiwraps Stretchy Wrap – super lightweight and narrower than many standard stretchy wraps; this is a great starter wrap, which works perfectly for newborns and hotter weather.  Deposit value is £25

Oysterbaby Wrap – premium stretchy wrap made from super soft and eco-friendly bamboo fabric plus a reversible patterned panel with a different designer fabric on each side.  Lightweight, soft and luxurious! Deposit value is £75

Victoria Sling LadyVictoria Sling Lady Summer Stretch Wrap – the cheapest stretchy wrap available that has been safety tested to EU standards. This wrap is narrower than most other stretchy wraps, but still works well for small babies. Deposit value is £15

WeMadeMe Wuti Wrap – made from a hi-tech synthetic mesh fabric, this 2-way stretchy wrap is designed to be supportive, whilst light and cool to wear. Deposit value is £50

Wrapsody StretchWrapsody Bali Stretch Wrap* – light and wide, this wrap has hemmed edges and less lengthways stretchy than many stretchy wraps and so feels supportive even with bigger babies and for longer periods of carrying. Loan fee is £6, Deposit value is £60

And the following Stretchy Hybrid Carriers. These have similar materials and the same basic child carrying method and positions as stretchy wraps, but may have different features or fastenings:

Amazonas Carry BabyAmazonas Carry Baby – A very simple to use sling which comprises two pouches made from soft jersey fabric. Each pouch adjusts in size to suit the adult using zips and then you wear one on each shoulder to form a cross to carry your baby in. Loan fee is £5, deposit value is £45

Baby K’Tan Baby Carrier – A two-piece stretchy sling made from soft cotton and including a separate support panel.  This carrier comes in different sizes to suit different sized adults – the library has size small (approx dress size 8-10). Loan fee is £5, deposit value is £50

Caboo +Organic (formerly the Close Carrier) – Made from the same fabric as a regular stretchy wrap, but with rings to fasten and adjust and a separate support panel. Loan fee is £5, deposit value is £55

Caboo DX – This version of the popular Caboo carrier offers lightweight and breathable fabrics, an additional back support, baby support pod and buckle fastenings for a more sporty look. Loan fee is £8, deposit value is £85

Caboo NCTCaboo NCT – a new, slimmed down version of the original Caboo. Soft cotton fabrics adjusted using rings, and with a new mesh support panel for improved airflow.  Loan fee is £5, deposit value is £45

Infantino Sync – with a buckled waist and lightweight cotton fabrics, this carrier wraps around baby just like a stretchy wrap, but with a little less bulk. Loan fee is £5, deposit value is £35

Papoozle Carrier – A semi-structured stretchy sling with a structured, buckled waistband and soft, padded wraparound straps that snugly support you and your baby. Loan fee is £5, deposit value is £45

Tricotti Sling – this simple to use sling comprises two pouches made from supportive stretchy fabric. This sling needs to be fitted to the carrying adult in order to be safely supportive for baby – the Library has size small (approx dress size 8-10) and size Medium (approx dress size 12-14). Loan fee is £5, deposit value is £45

Vija Kangaroo TShirtVija Kangaroo Care Clothing – these ingenious tops are made from a strong stretchy fabric similar to some stretchy wraps. They support baby in a similar way to facilitate discrete, comfortable skin to skin contact with your baby at home.  They also double as breastfeeding tops, allowing access for easy feeding. Please note that these products are not suitable for long periods of hands free carrying. Two sizes and styles available. Loan fee is £5, deposit value is £45

Wallaboo CrossWallaboo Cross Carrier – a comfortable and soft cotton sling that fastens and adjusts easily using velcro tabs. It supports baby in a cross of fabric on your front, with the weight distributed comfortabley across the back and shoulders. Loan fee is £5, deposit value is £50

* Some stretchy wraps are also advertised as ‘Hybrid Wraps’ – this refers to them working like a hybrid between a stretchy wrap and a woven (non-stretchy) wrap.  These stretchy wraps may be suitable for safe back carrying, though we’d stress that not all woven wrapping styles are suitable for stretchy hybrid wraps, and that back carries should only be attempted when within the safe comfort zone of both parent and child.
Other stretchy wraps may also refer to a back carry method in their instructions; we would not advise using these positions with wraps other than those indicated, as it is much harder to acheive a safe, supportive and comfortable carry.  If in any doubt, only use your stretchy wrap for front carries.

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