Carrier Instructions

I’m currently updating this page and so some links may be missing or broken – please email if you need any help finding sling or baby carrier instructions

This page has links to instructions for the carriers currently in the Library collection. If you’re interested, also browse the relevant manufacturer’s site for more detailed and comprehensive information.  Another great place to look for carrier and sling instructions is YouTube – try searching for your carrier by name, or in the case of woven wraps, search for the name of a particular tying method to find videos.

Guidelines for using any sling or carrier safely can be found here.

Woven Wrap Instructions

These two sites have excellent picture and video instructions for a wide range of woven wrap carries and techniques:

Wrap Your Baby

Though each brand of woven wrap will have its own instructions, the quality and clarity of these varies massively.  In the main list below I’ve linked each brand that has some online anyway, but would advise you to search on Natural Mamas or the sites I’ve linked above for better and more comprehensive instructions.

Ring Sling and Pouch Instructions

There’s a great selection of instruction videos for Ring Slings and Pouches arranged by age and position on the Zolowear website here: How to Wear your Sling or Pouch

The following Youtube playlist from Slingababy is also very useful: Ring Slings

Stretchy Wraps & Hybrids

Ama Wrap
Boba Wrap
Close Caboo
Hana Wrap
Hoppediz Elastic Baby Wrap
Izmi Wrap (plus Video) (*more video’s for the Izmi Wrap & Izmi Baby Carriers can be found here.)
Moby Wrap

Buckled Carriers

BabyBjorn Miracle
BabyBjorn One
BabyBjorn We
Beco Gemini
Boba 4G
Boba X
Connecta Baby/Toddler Carrier
ErgoBaby 360
ErgoBaby 360 Omni
ErgoBaby 360 Omni Cool Air
ErgoBaby Adapt
Isara V3
Izmi Baby Carrier
Izmi Toddler Carrier
Je Porte Mon Bebe Physio
KiBi Baby Carrier
LilleBaby Complete All Seasons
Mamaruga ZenSling
Rose & Rebellion Baby Carrier
Toddler KinderPack
Toddler Tula
Tula Baby Carrier
Tula Free To Grow
Tula Explore

Asian Style Carriers (Meh Dai)

Hoppediz Hop-Tye
Palm & Pond Meh Dai
Simply Mei Tai

Ring Slings

Bara Barn Ring Sling
Didymos Ring Sling
It’s Not Spaghetti Ring Sling
Hoppediz Ring Sling

Framed Back Pack Carriers

LittleLife Adventurer
LittleLife UltraLight Convertible



Instructions for Other Carriers (in alphabetical order by brand):

Action Baby Carrier

Baba Sling

Babies Beyond Borders Carriers

BabyHawk Mei Tai

BabyHawk Oh Snap


Beco Soleil Page 1 and Page 2

Boba 2G, 3G and 4G Baby Carriers

Boba 4G Newborn Hold with Infant Insert

Boba Air Front Carry and Back Carry

Bondolino Front Carry Instructions and Back Carry Instructions

Catbird Baby Mei Tai*

Catbird Baby Pikkolo*

Caboo/Close Baby Carrier* and Video instructions here

Caboo DX Baby Carrier

Concerti Carrier


Didymos Woven Wrap Tying Methods and a useful table showing what carries you can do with each wrap length

Ellaroo Mei Hip

Ellaroo Mei Tai

EllaRoo Podaegi*

Ellaroo Wrap Instructions

Freedom Slings Murrons Pouch

FreeHand Mei Tai

Herbal Baybee Ring Sling

Hoppediz Woven Wraps: The Art of Carrying – These photo instructions are very useful and cover a wide range of woven wrap carries.  There’s also further information about babywearing on the Hoppediz website.

Infantino Flip

Infantino Support

Infantino Sync

Joey Slings Mei Tai

Kari Me Baby Carrier*


Lillebaby Complete

Littlelife Cross Country S2

Maya Wrap Ring Sling PDF and Video instructions here

Napsack Baby Mei Tai

Natibaby Woven Wrap Carrying Methods

Olives and Applesauce Carrier

Onbuhimo Back Carry Instructions

Oscha Slings Woven Wraps How To Carry – a clear and concise set of instructions for the main basic wrap carries.

Podaegi Back Carry Instructions and Video Instructions here

Rose and Rebellion Baby Carrier

Sakura Bloom Ring Sling

Sleeping Baby Productions Ring Sling

Sleepy Nico

Storchenweige Baby Carrier

Storchenweige Ring Sling

Storchenweige Woven Wrap Tying Instructions

Tula Carriers



  • Includes the option of a front facing outwards carrying position – we don’t recommend you use these carrying positions regularly or for long periods. See Outwards Facing Carry Positions for more information.

Instructions for Accessories

Boba 4G Infant Insert

Catbird Baby Lumbar Support Belt

Close Cocoon Cover

Ergo Baby Infant Insert

Sling Rings: Threading a no sew ring sling

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