Framed Carriers

  Littlelife Ultralite S3

To find out about Framed Backpack Carriers and their different features and options, read the information pages here: Framed Carriers.

The South London Sling Library currently has the following Framed Carriers:

Littlelife Cross Country S2 – Full featured and adjustable in various different ways to fit parents and children of different sizes and heights. Suitable from 6 months to 3 years.

Features include a large storage pocket, grab handles, reflective piping, toy loops, soft face protection pad and adjustable child seat.   Loan fee is £14, deposit value is £140

Littlelife Ultralite S3Littlelife Ultralite Convertible S3 –  A lighter-weight framed carrier which zips out of an airline hand luggage sized rucksack. Featuring an integrated frame and padded back system for the adult, and an adjustable child. This framed carrier is well suited to more petite adults. Loan fee is £10, deposit value is £100

adventurer-edited-600680Littlelife Adventurer – A lightweight framed carrier with an adjustable back system to fit a wide range of adults, and a pop-out kick stand for better stability when on the ground.  Practical and easy to use for back carrying bigger babies and toddlers 6 months to 3 years.  Loan Fee is £11, deposit value is £110

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2 Responses to Framed Carriers

  1. Caroline says:

    I like the look of this. How heavy is it?

    • emeriminni says:

      Technical specifications for the Littlelife Cross Country S2 copied directly from their website are:
      Weight: 2.6 kg
      Maximum Weight Load: 20 kg
      Dimensions: 31 x 26 x 70 cm
      Guide Adult Height: 5′ 2″ – 6′ 4″
      Suitable for Ages: 6 months – 3 years
      Storage Capacity: 20 litres
      Emily x

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