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The Sling Library holds regular pre-booked Carrying Clinic Sessions for parents-to-be and parents of any baby, toddler or preschooler that would like expert information, advice or help with any sling, wrap or carrier.  To book onto a Carrying Clinic session, please go to our booking site: Book Carrying Advice 

The Carrying Clinic sessions replace our old drop-in Open Sessions.  The Clinics cost a little bit more, but they have limited numbers and a more restricted start time.  This is to help make the Sling Library feel less hectic and crowded, and so that everyone is better able to make the most of their Sling Library experience!  If you don’t want to pay for carrying and fitting advice, then you can still Arrange a Hire online and simply pop into the Sling Library during Hire Return/Collection times to pick it up.

At Carrying Clinic you can get help with your own carriers or slings, we can suggest new ones for you to try, and you can try on and hire any of our available carriers or accessories. You can now also buy slings and accessories from our shop!


Carrying Clinic Essential Details:

  • Cost: £8 per adult who would like advice or help trying on carriers and slings.
  • Format: Open Group up to 8 adults
  • Suitable for: All carrying ages, stages and sling/wrap/carrier types
  • Times: See our Bookwhen Schedule for times
  • Doors Open: 15 minutes before the start time.  Doors close: 15 minutes after the start time to avoid disruptions to those already in the session.
  • Venue: 194 Beckenham Road, Beckenham, BR3 4RJ. See More About Sling Library Sessions, for how to get here, parking and the facilities available.

We can accept payments by cash, Paypal app, debit and credit card.

Click here to book onto any Carrying Advice Session:  Book Online

The Clinic sessions offer the chance to get carrying help, advice and product fitting, tips and tricks. They are open to all parents and expectant parents and will address the needs of the individuals who attend. This means that each session will cover different slings, carriers and questions – everyone is different and experiences carrying differently so it can be really helpful to see the wide range of preferences and needs that come up!

The Clinic is a great way to get an idea of what you might need help with, or that you would like to try out.

  • Get help with making the most of your existing sling or carrier
  • Get advice regarding what types, brands or model of sling or carrier may best suit your needs, preferences and proportions.
  • Reassure yourself that you know how to use your carrier correctly and safely for you and your baby.
  • Try on and hire or buy from our huge library of slings and carriers with the guidance of an expert.
  • Get some of your carrying questions answered!

Please note that this is an open group class setting, not a private consultation or workshop. We’ll be happy to help you with 1 or maybe 2 questions/needs at each session, but we’ll need to balance the needs of everyone present. Trying carriers and finding the right options takes longer than you’d expect so don’t worry if you don’t get everything worked out in one visit!

Many people find it most helpful to attend 2-4 sessions over a period of weeks or months, maybe hiring sling/s or carrier/s to try out and practice with in between, so that we can offer the best support and so that they can really find out what works for them and their baby.

Even if you get the help or information you need with just one session, you may well like to come back in another few months (or even years!) once your baby or family are ready for the next stage 🙂

You could also book onto a targeted, smaller group workshop to go into a specific carrier type, carrying stage or position in more detail as needed.

Those requiring additional time/attention such as answers to detailed questions, special medical needs or those wanting to learn unaided back carries should attend a relevant workshop or contact us for a private consultation.

Click here to book onto any Carrying Advice Session:  Book Online

Click here for More About Sling Library Sessions, including how to get here, parking, the facilities available, and what we can offer during Clinic Sessions.

**PLEASE NOTE: The Format of regular Sling Library Sessions have changed – please check descriptions and book online as needed.  The calendar below shows upcoming opening times and please check our Blog, facebook and twitter for updates 🙂

Library closures and holidays are listed here: Library Holidays

For those that can’t attend our regular Clinic Sessions, or who would prefer a quieter, more relaxed advice environment: 

Emily is available to offer personalised carrying advice and carrier fitting at other times via Private Consultations and pre-booked Workshops.


Email for more details.

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