Setting up a Carrier Lending Service?

If you are currently setting up a sling hire or lending service of your own, then we may be able to help!  Our comprehensive carrier hire terms and conditions have been widely used by UK sling libraries and consultants.  In fact so many people have asked for them that we’ve made a special document including sample Ts&Cs, sling hire form and notes on how to adapt these to suit your own carrier lending service.

We’re happy to share these with other babywearing advocates as we strongly believe in making slings and sling libraries more accessible for parents.  Though we’re happy to share these documents for free, do remember that a lot of our time, effort and thought went into creating them and so we just ask that in return you acknowledge our contribution and link to this website ( from your own site.  If you don’t have a website – and even if you do – then linking to our Facebook or Twitter pages would be great too!

If you’re using these documents for a for-profit business then we’d also appreciate a donation to our own Sling Library; visit this page to make a contribution: Donate

The sling hire files are all accessed from the following password protected page. To get a password please email to introduce yourself and request one, then simply click on the link below and enter your password!

Download Sling Hire Documents for Carrier Lending Services

Are you based in South London?

If you are considering setting up a sling lending service and you are based in South London then please get in touch!  We love to work with others based locally to us and would be happy to help more!  Email to have a chat! 😀

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