Carrying Consultancy for Professionals

We also offer carrying consultancy services and training for professionals!

If you are a professional involved in supporting parents or babies, or if you work in the sling or baby carrier industry (or a related profession) then we can also help you.  We have extensive knowledge of the baby sling industry plus experience in product testing, development and manufacture, in sales, events and exhibitions and in creating tailored information, instruction, training and demonstration packages to suit your needs.  

We have worked with many companies and organisations and at events including: Slumber Roo, Cheeky Rascals, Touch Needs, The Baby Show, London Green Fair, The School of Babywearing, Babywearing UK, The European Babywearing Conference and a range of sling manufacturers.

If you would like to benefit from our advice, services or training then please contact to chat in more detail about the needs of yourself and/or your company.

We help other sling libraries, babywearing advocates and consultants too; Click here if you are setting up a sling hire or lending service!

Note about the use of our website content:

The content of this website has all been written by Emily Williamson for the South London Sling Library (unless otherwise credited).  This has involved hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of work over many years.  Please respect our time, experience and intellectual property and do not use any of this website content without prior permission from Emily Williamson or other authorised representative of the South London Sling Library.

If you need informative sling and carrier content for your own website or training purposes, please contact to find out how we can help.

© 2013 South London Sling Library

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