How to Hire

Here’s what you do….

First of all, browse our information and catalogue pages to see if there are any carrier/s you’d particularly like to try.  You can then reserve a carrier directly through our catalogue page, which you can collect (by appointment) at our Forest Hill, Crystal Palace or Lewisham venues.

If you would like to collect a carrier from the Wear My Baby Boutique in Tooting, then go to our Arrange a Hire page and fill in your details and the details of what you’d like to borrow.  We’ll get in touch to confirm availability of your preferred option and let you know when you can come to collect your hire.

If you need more help choosing what to borrow, want to be shown how to use the carrier you’d like to try out, or don’t know where to start; we’re always able to make suitable personalised suggestions for you if you come along to any of our advice sessions or workshops.

At the Sling Library you can see and try on carriers before borrowing (please book onto an advice session if you’d like help with this). Remember to bring cash, card or Paypal details for any hire fees and (refundable) deposits for carriers you’d like to borrow, or to pre – register your debit/credit card with our online catalogue for hires at Forest Hill, Crystal Palace or Lewisham.

When you’re here and have the carrier you’d like to hire we’ll complete all the forms and paperwork, take your loan fee and deposit (for costs see our What Does it Cost? page) and send you off with the carrier and  instructions.  Don’t worry if you need extra help whilst you’re borrowing – you can always contact us with your questions, or book onto an advice session or workshop to get extra help 🙂

While you have the carrier, PLEASE DO contact us by email to ask any questions that you may have about what you’ve hired or to try to troubleshoot any problems with using it.  We’d much rather iron out any issues while you’ve got the carrier, not after you’ve brought it back! Most of all, try to get as much use out of the carrier as possible so that you get the hang of it and can see how it’d fit into your lifestyle!

When your loan period is at an end, please return the carrier and any instructions and accessories by whatever date and method has been agreed.  Assuming everything’s in good order, we’ll return your deposit in full. (Deposits are not charged in advance at Forest Hill, Crystal Palace or Lewisham venues but, your debit/credit card will be charged if the carrier is damaged/lost/not returned.)

Find out more…

For more detailed information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

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