Workshops & Private Consultations

We run Expert Carrying Advice Workshops and Consultations from multiple South London locations every week.  You are able to try and hire from our huge collection of slings, wraps and carriers from any session.

Our In-Person (Outdoors, Socially Distanced) Consultations (30 or 60 mins) take place in our front garden in Lewisham (SE13 5jE). Please bring an additional adult, or car seat to hold your baby, while we try on slings/carriers, as I will not be able to hold your baby. We will have hand sanitizer available, although you are welcome to bring your own. I will contact you to discuss your needs prior to the consultation, to ensure that the slings you need to try, will be freshly laundered.  You can try options with one of our weighted demo dolls (pre-cleaned with alcohol wipes) & your baby. You are also welcome to bring your own sling/carrier. If the weather is bad, we can reschedule. Schedule Appointment

If you would rather stay home, we are also offering Online Consultations via video call.

Our Online Consultations (30 or 60 mins) can take place via WhatsApp, FaceTime, or Zoom – whichever is easiest for you. I can help you with a carrier you already have, or I can demo some options for you, which you may wish to hire. You can then collect them, or have them posted. We can then complete your consultation once the carrier has arrived with you & I can help you with fitting it.  Schedule Appointment


A Private Consultation (Lewisham or Crystal Palace) gives you the time you need (up to 1.5 hours) with Sarah, one of our carrying consultants and our library of slings, wraps, and carriers. Ask your individual carrying questions, get individual advice and fitting tweaks based on your own family’s needs, and have time to try on multiple products or practice a new skill or carry with the support of an expert!   Schedule Appointment

A Mini Consultation (Lewisham or Crystal Palace) may be suitable for you if: you don’t want to attend a group workshop as you only have 1-2 questions. You may have a sling or carrier that you are reasonably happy with but, would like reassurance that you are using it correctly. You may know that we have a specific carrier you would like to try, or would like advice to try & make your carrier a little more comfortable. This session is not suitable where there is a medical concern with parent or baby (eg, Talipes, suspected (or diagnosed) Hip Dysplasia, Hypotonia, etc).  Schedule Appointment

Due to limited spaces, all of our Workshops require pre-booking in advance. If you would prefer a “Drop In” Session – you can find details here.

Our New Baby Workshop (Lewisham or Crystal Palace) is suitable from Bump to 3 months & will introduce you to the principles of safe, comfortable carrying using stretchy slings and soft structured carriers. You’ll find out how to check for a safe carry in any sling or carrier; you’ll try out at least two types of sling and carrier using your baby or a weighted doll, and get the chance to ask questions and find out about many more carrying options too! (Duration: up to 90 mins.)   Schedule Appointment

Our Bigger Baby Workshop (Lewisham) is suitable for babies who can support their head unaided (3m +) & beyond. Babies grow and change very quickly, gaining new abilities and preferences every week. Many people find that the sling or carrier that’s perfect for their newborn starts to feel less suitable in some situations as their baby gets bigger, heavier, and more active. This workshop is for parents who feel that they need a supportive, comfortable carrying solution to meet their changing needs. (Duration: up to 90 minutes.)  Schedule Appointment

Our Back Carrying Workshop (Lewisham) will introduce you to the principles of safe, comfortable back carrying using Soft Structured Carriers and Meh Dais. You’ll find out how to safely get your baby onto your back, practicing with a weighted doll first, and get personalised tips for a safe, comfortable carry. You’ll try out at least two types of carrier using your baby and/or a weighted doll, and get the chance to ask questions and find out about other carrying options too! At the end of the session, you will have the chance to hire slings and carriers from us. (Please note that Woven Wraps will not be covered at this workshop; for back carrying in Woven Wraps please book a Private Consultation.) (Duration: up to 90 minutes.) Schedule Appointment

The Introduction to Woven Wraps Workshop (Lewisham) will introduce you to the principles of safe, comfortable front carrying using long Woven Wraps. You’ll find out about the fundamental principles of using and adjusting Woven Wraps, and how to tie a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) and a Front Cross Carry (FCC). You’ll practice using a wrap both with a weighted doll and with your baby, and you’ll get personalised tips for achieving a safe, comfortable carry. (Duration: up to 90 mins.)  Schedule Appointment

The slings and baby carriers that are currently available for hire from the South London Sling Library are all listed on our Online Catalogue. Here you can browse our (ever growing) collection, & even reserve a carrier to collect at one of our sessions. If you would like to hire a carrier from our Crystal Palace, Lewisham or Forest Hill venues, it saves time if you register with the online catalogue, including saving your debit/credit card details*, before you come to your booked session. Doing this means that you can hire a carrier with a few taps on our iPad. (*Your card will NOT be charged unless you hire a carrier/sling. Your card details will be retained by the payment company in lieu of a deposit.)

To hire carriers and slings without attending a carrying advice or fitting session, please email to check the suitability and availability of your preferred carrier/sling.

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