Drop In Sessions

What is a Drop In Session?

At our “Drop In Sessions” you can peruse a selection of our slings & carriers, & try them on if you’d like to. You can also hire slings & carriers from a Drop In Session. You do not need to make an appointment, but this is an open group session & your time with our Babywearing Consultant may be limited if the session is busy. (If you would like a quieter, more focussed environment, you may prefer to book a Workshop or 1:1 Consultation.)    **Drop In Sessions may not be suitable for you if you, or your baby have any medical concerns such as Hip Dysplasia, Talipes, Low Muscle Tone, Prematurity, Low Birth Weight or other medical issue. In these situations, please book a Private Consultation. If your baby was premature or had a low birth weight AND they have been fully discharged fron Medical Supervision, we may be able to help at a Drop In. Please contact us to confirm before you come along.

If you would like our advice or input into choosing/using a sling or carrier, you can choose from the options below:

*Safety Check – (FREE – 5 minutes – 1 sling/carrier) – This is for you if you already have a sling or carrier, you know how to use it & you would simply like us to help you confirm that you are using it safely.

*Mini Consultation (£10/up to 20mins/1-2 slings/carriers) – This session allows us to try 1-2 slings/carriers, to compare & contrast them, & try help you find a comfortable option.

You can also hire & return slings/carriers at the Drop In Sessions.

Where & When Are The Drop In Sessions Held?

At present, our Drop In Sessions are  only held at our Crystal Palace venue (Barnardo’s Triangle, 2 Coxwell Road, London, SE19 3BG), although we are working on finding an additional venue.

The sessions run every other Monday, on the following dates:

Monday 9th September, 10.30am-1pm,
Monday 23rd September, 10.30am-1pm,
Monday 7th October, 10.30am-1pm,
Monday 21st October, 10.30am-1pm,
Monday 4th November, 10.30am-1pm,
Monday 18th November, 10.30am-1pm,
Monday 2nd December, 10.30am-1pm,
Monday 16th December, 10.30am-1pm.

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