Sling Support Sessions

What is a Sling Support Session?

The Sling Support Session is a low-cost way to get support & advice about using a sling/carrier. You are welcome to bring a sling/carrier you already own or try one of the options from the Sling Library. We can help you with ONE sling/carrier, on your front or hip/side. If you have multiple slings/carriers you are welcome to book time slots on additional dates, or head over to our “Book an Appointment” page & choose a consultation that will be more appropriate. If you would like to learn to carry your baby on your back, please book a consultation, as we are unable to cover this at a Sling Support Session.

A black woman stands in front of a brick wall, staring in to the middle distance. She carries a small baby, wearing a pink headband, in a sling. The baby is sleeping.

These sessions do not cover: detailed 1-2-1’s, back carrying or allow time to try multiple slings/carriers. If you would like a quieter, more focused environment to do these things, you may prefer to book a Consultation –  use this link.

**Sling Support Sessions may not be suitable for you if you or your baby have any medical concerns such as Hip Dysplasia, Talipes, Low Muscle Tone, Prematurity, Low Birth Weight or other medical issues. In these situations, please book a Consultation. If your baby was premature or had a low birth weight and they have been fully discharged from Medical Supervision, we may be able to help at a Drop-In. Please contact us to confirm before you come along. If your baby is still under medical supervision you may still be able to use a sling/carrier – please book a Consultation, or get in touch to chat about what you may need.

Where & When Is The Sling Support Session Held?

Sling/Carrier Support at The Village – Catford
In addition to our Crystal Palace Session, I volunteer at The Village in Catford on Wednesdays & run their Sling & Carrier Support Sessions. You are welcome to bring ONE sling/carrier if you require advice or help, or you can try one from the Sling Library. Please book via The Village’s website –  HERE

Sling/Carrier Support in Crystal Palace
Our Crystal Palace sessions are held at the lovely Soft Play by Coffee Cup House on Westow Street. You are welcome to bring ONE sling/carrier if you require advice or help, or you can try one from the Sling Library. Grab one of their amazing coffees (or another drink) while you wait.

WHEN: First and third Thursday of the month
WHERE: Soft Play by Coffee Cup House, 18 Westow Street, SE19 3AH
BOOKING: Via our website – here
£5 booking fee (this will be taken off the hire fee, if you decide to hire a sling/carrier)


Q: What if I’m running late for my 15-minute time slot?
A: Do please come anyway & we will do our absolute best to fit you in, however, priority will need to be given to people who have arrived at the time they have booked.

Q: Do I have to pay/make a donation?
A:  We ask you to pay a £5 “Fitting Fee” to book a Sling Support Session at Crystal Palace. This helps us to pay the fees associated with using the space. The fee is waived if you choose to hire a sling/carrier from the Sling Library. If you cannot afford to pay the “Fitting Fee” please do get in touch – I NEVER want finances to be a barrier to allowing you to carry your baby comfortably & safely. (At The Village (in Catford), if you choose to pay via their website, your money goes to helping them as a social enterprise/not for profit compnay, as my time is donated.)

Q: What happens if I can’t come?
A: I’m afraid the £5 fee is non-refundable or transferable as we still need to pay for the space.

Q: Do I need to wear a facemask?
Depending on current Covid Restrictions you may or may not be required to wear a mask however, you are more than welcome to if you would prefer it.

Q: If I bring all of the slings that have been passed on to me by friends/family, can you help me with them?
A: I can generally help you with one sling/carrier at a Sling Support Session, but if you bring what you have I can help you narrow down which may be the best to try, depending on your baby’s age/size/your requirements & then you can always return another week, to learn how to use another one. Alternatively, you can book a Consultation at SLSL HQ in Lewisham & bring ALL of your slings/carriers with you, or try a variety from the Sling Library.

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