Drop In Sessions

What is a Drop In Session?

At our “Drop In Sessions” you can peruse a selection of our slings & carriers, & try them on if you’d like to. You can also hire slings & carriers from a Drop In Session. You do not need to make an appointment, but this is an open group session & your time with our Babywearing Consultant may be limited if the session is busy. (If you would like a quieter, more focussed environment, you may prefer to book a Workshop or 1:1 Consultation.)

If you would like our advice or input into choosing/using a sling or carrier, you can chooose from the options below:

*Does This Look Ok? (£5/up to 10 mins/1 sling/carrier) – With this option we can help you, either with a carrier you already own, or with one of ours, to make sure that you are wearing it safely & possibly make suggestions to improve your ccomfort.

*Please Show Me How To Use This? (£10/up to 15mins/1 sling/carrier) – Again, with either a sling/carrier you own, or one of ours, we can teach you how to put it on & put baby in it.

*Please Help Me Choose a Sling/Carrier? (£15/up to 20mins/1-2 slings/carriers) – This session allows us to try 1-2 slings/carriers, to compare & contrast them, & help you find a comfortable option.

You can also hire & return slings/carriers at the Drop In Sessions.

Where & When Are The Drop In Sessions Held?

At present, our Drop In Sessions are  only held at our Crystal Palace venue (Barnardo’s Triangle, 2 Coxwell Road, London, SE19 3BG), although we are working on finding an additional venue.

The sessions run every other Monday, on the following dates:

Monday 17th June, 10.30am-1pm,
Monday 1st July, 10.30am-1pm,
Monday 15th July, 10.30am-1pm,
Monday 29th July, 10.30am-1pm,
Monday 9th September, 10.30am-1pm.


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