Covid19 Precautions

For your (& my own) peace of mind, I use a Lateral Flow home testing kit, if I feel unwell. A positive result would obviously result in a suspension of services. If your appointment is affected by my needing to self-isolate due to a positive test, then I will contact you with regards to rescheduling.

If you, or anyone in your household, are experiencing Covid 19 Symptoms, or have been asked to self-isolate, please do not attend your appointment and let me know as soon as possible.

Learning To Use Your Sling/Carrier From Home!
Life with a new baby can be challenging – I get it! So, if you would prefer to stay home you may wish to try one of my online courses. The benefit to learning online is that you don’t have to remember ALL THE INFORMATION during a 30 or 90-minute appointment, you can go through the information as many times as you need to – perfect for the sleep deprived brain! PLUS – no need to leave the house (or even get dressed)! With each purchase of an online course, you also get access to our VIP Facebook Group to be able to ask any questions you may have!

Carrier and Sling Consultations
Online Consultations work best where you already have a sling/carrier & your baby has already arrived. I can show you how to use your carrier safely & help you to be comfortable, all from the comfort of your own home. If you would like to try alternative slings/carriers or try something from the Library, then an In-Person Consultation would be more appropriate.
At present, for all In-Person Consultations, you have the choice of booking an outdoor or indoor appointment. There is adequate space indoors to allow us to maintain a 1.5-2m physical distance during your appointment. If I need to step closer to you to assist with a sling/carrier adjustment, I will ask your permission to do so & then immediately step back. If you would prefer that I not step within 2m of you, that’s absolutely fine – do please just say. If you would prefer that I wear a Fcaemask during your appointment, I am more than happy to do so.

Outdoor appointments take place in our front garden in Lewisham, where we can maintain a 2m distance at all times, as I will remain on the doorstep throughout the appointment. When you book an outdoor Consultation I will contact you to discuss your carrier/sling needs, so that I can ensure that we have the appropriate slings/carriers laundered & available for you to try. I will also have available for you to use, an appropriately sized demo doll so that you can gain confidence with the slings/carriers before you try them with your baby.

Our Drop-In Sessions are currently still running (as of 28/11/21). I do ask that you book to attend so that we can control the number of attendees & allow ourselves the space to stay safe. You can book for Catford, via The Village website here, or Crystal Palace here.

Sling/Carrier Hire
Please feel free to wipe any areas that get soiled during use, with a baby wipe/damp cloth. If soiling is severe (e.g. nappy poop leak) please call me for washing advice (07813003604).
Slings & carriers are washed between hires if an illness has been reported during the hire period, or if it appears soiled/dirty. Washing slings/carriers too frequently can reduce their lifespan & the likelihood of catching Covid19 from an inanimate object is slim.