Don’t Cut The Toes Off Your BabyGro’s!

This has come up a couple of times at Sling Sessions lately, so I wanted to address it. There’s a popular group, on a very popular social media platform that advises parents to cut the toes off their child’s babygros to avoid “toe crunch”. Now I understand “toe crunch” – we’ve all experienced trouser rise, right?Continue reading “Don’t Cut The Toes Off Your BabyGro’s!”

Parenting isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. (Aka-Everyone Needs A Lucy!)

Sometimes parenting is tough. Instagram tells you that you should be happy and grateful for everything. Your baby should be milk drunk and snoozing in the Moses basket (& debunking that is A-WHOLE-NOTHER blog post!), you should have a full face of make-up on & a clean house, but life is not like that. SomeContinue reading “Parenting isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. (Aka-Everyone Needs A Lucy!)”

New Online Workshops

I am really excited to announce the first of our Brand New online workshops! If you, or anyone you know, is looking for information about carrying a newborn – this is the workshop for you! At this workshop we will cover the following: Looking at a variety of slings/carriers that are perfect for newborns AddressingContinue reading “New Online Workshops”

Restarting *In-Person* Services at South London Sling

I am thrilled to announce that from Monday 6th July, I will be offering outdoor, socially distanced, consultations. These Consultations will be held in my front garden, here at SLSL HQ, to allow us to keep a 2m distance. We will have hand sanitiser available, although you are welcome to bring your own. Please bringContinue reading “Restarting *In-Person* Services at South London Sling”