Don’t Cut The Toes Off Your BabyGro’s!

This has come up a couple of times at Sling Sessions lately, so I wanted to address it. There’s a popular group, on a very popular social media platform that advises parents to cut the toes off their child’s babygros to avoid “toe crunch”. Now I understand “toe crunch” – we’ve all experienced trouser rise, right?Continue reading “Don’t Cut The Toes Off Your BabyGro’s!”

Is It Safe For My Baby To Sleep In a Sling?

This is a common question for lots of parents and is often a very individual decision. The question actually, often isn’t about safety. Lots of people are worried about allowing their baby to sleep in a sling or carrier because someone has told them that they’re “making a rod for their own back”, that theirContinue reading “Is It Safe For My Baby To Sleep In a Sling?”

Does This Carrier Fit My New Baby?

If you’re looking at getting a new baby carrier for your newborn, how do you know whether or not it’s going to fit them? When you’ve already got a carrier – how do you know it fits? Weight Limits The “standard” weight limits for Baby Carriers are 7-35lbs/3-16kgs, or 7-45lbs/3-20kgs. Most people assume that thisContinue reading “Does This Carrier Fit My New Baby?”