Carrying in the Cold

It’s well and truly autumn and we’re all feeling it!  Whether we’re using a sling or not, we’re having to think a lot more about what we dress our babies – and ourselves – in when we go out, and whether we’ll need to take any extra coverings or accessories with us when we leaveContinue reading “Carrying in the Cold”

Poly-sling-philia: The abnormal love of slings and baby carriers….

A little post-bank-holiday silliness going on at SLSL HQ this evening! When people ask why I set up the Sling Library there is a sensible answer, which involves meeting the needs of local parents and how much I enjoy the chance to meet and help so many families…. and then there is this….. For yourContinue reading “Poly-sling-philia: The abnormal love of slings and baby carriers….”

Carrying Two! Adventures with Tandem Carrying

Do you have children who are close in age?  You may have thought about carrying one or other of them (many slings and carriers are suitable for comfortably carrying a very wide range of aged babies and toddlers), but have you considered the possibility of carrying them both at once?  This is known as ‘tandemContinue reading “Carrying Two! Adventures with Tandem Carrying”

Please support the SLSL by voting for us now!

I’m currently taking part in a competition for Lambeth business women with the best vision for their business.  On Tuesday 19th I’ll be delivering a 5 minute pitch at ITV studios to present my vision for the South London Sling Library in the hope to win some fantastic prizes and support for the library, asContinue reading “Please support the SLSL by voting for us now!”

A Very Important Subject

In my last post (here) I stated that close physical contact with your baby (especially for the extended durations possible when using a suitable sling or baby carrier) can reduce the symptoms of postnatal depression (1). Now I’m ready to explain why this is such an important subject… At least 10-15% of mothers will experienceContinue reading “A Very Important Subject”

5 Reasons a Sling or Carrier is a Newborn Essential

Human babies are not best adapted to being left alone and so there are a whole host of benefits associated with carrying your newborn baby. By using a sling or baby carrier to help support your back and keep your hands free you can fit carrying into your day more easily, and with a hugeContinue reading “5 Reasons a Sling or Carrier is a Newborn Essential”

Why do you still need a carrier for your 2 (or 3, or 4) year old?

I get asked this quite a lot. And I don’t mind being asked 🙂 When I was first pregnant the idea of carrying or needing to carry such a large (and surely walking) child seemed rather silly and unnecessary. But then I got a baby of my own, who grew into a toddler, who turnedContinue reading “Why do you still need a carrier for your 2 (or 3, or 4) year old?”

Woven Wrap is a Traditional English Baby Sling…

Almost 15 years ago I studied an anthology of poetry past and present for my English Literature GCSE exam.  One of the poems was written in the 17th Century by the English poet William King (who was pleasingly born in London!) I loved it at the time because of the humour and how a poorContinue reading “Woven Wrap is a Traditional English Baby Sling…”