Work At the Sling Library!

The Sling Library is currently recruiting!  See below for details…

After an exciting year with our new Sling Library team, we are once again looking for a new Part-Time Customer Service and Sales Assistant.  

If you are interested in this position, please read the information below carefully, and email with any queries or to apply.  Please note that we will try to respond to all applications, though may take some time as we are all working around our families and other commitments. Thanks for your patience!


Part-Time Sling Library Customer Service and Sales Assistant

Job Details

Business: South London Slings (also known as South London Sling Library).

Location: 194 Beckenham Road, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 4RJ

Hours: Starting in May 2017; 5-10 hours per week.  Sling Library reception times are Mon-Fri 9:30-2:30.  Actual days/hours worked may be flexible, fitting in with the availability of other team members.

Pay:  £9.40 per hour, to be reviewed periodically.  The employee is entitled to pro-rata statutory holiday pay, based on actual hours worked.

Benefits:  Be part of a small and friendly team; supportive, family-friendly working arrangements; free Babywearing Peer Support Training with potential for future training; unlimited free sling and carrier advice/hires!

Job Summary

Based in the Sling Library reception and shop, you will be responsible for providing a warm, friendly welcome to all visitors to the Sling Library.  Many visitors will not know how the sling library works and your job will be to make them feel at home; explain what they need to do and where they need to go; make them aware of comfort facilities available for themselves and their babies.  You will also be responsible for processing sling and carrier sales, orders, hires and returns; taking payments and managing related sling library paperwork.

When you are not helping customers in person, you will be providing customer assistance by phone and email; answering or referring enquiries, processing orders and other sales and administrative tasks.

The Sling Library prides itself on being helpful and approachable; your job is to help parents feel comfortable asking questions, referring them on to appropriate products, information or more qualified staff as needed.  An up to date knowledge of carrying information and products, as well as parenting trends will be very important.  An open-minded approach and sensitivity to a wide range of parenting attitudes and choices is very beneficial for supporting all of our customers.

Key Qualifications

  • Ability to deliver great customer experiences in a friendly, nurturing environment.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills; able to converse freely and comfortably, and to be calm, quietly confident, reassuring and patient when dealing with parents and their children.
  • Able to quickly learn and compare new products and their features; an existing knowledge, experience of, or strong interest in slings and baby carriers would be a huge advantage.
  • Personal, voluntary or professional experience of caring for babies and/or their parents (e.g parenting, healthcare professions, alternative therapies, peer support, education/advice, child-care, other complementary roles, etc.).
  • Work experience in an administrative, reception, data management and/or sales role where confidentiality and attention to detail is important.
  • If you have a complementary business that you feel could fit with the SLSL ethos, then we can also talk about how those could fit together!

Specific Job Responsibilities

  • Provide a warm, welcoming reception service.
  • Process carrier hire returns (ask how they got on, check carrier + instructions, accurately complete + organise paperwork, refund deposits, file paperwork appropriately, make notes for manager action as needed, spot clean carriers if needed).
  • Process new carrier hires in person and online (ensure hire forms completed and appropriate instructions provided, process + record hire fees and deposits, file paperwork appropriately).
  • Process product sales and orders in person, and by phone and online; Maintain sales stock areas (keep retail stock filled, tidy and clean, process payments, record sales, prepare items for postage, etc.)
  • Provide helpful, relevant and unbiased information for customers about babywearing, other local services, and any other information relevant to our customers.
  • Help to keep everyone comfy (organising buggies, providing drinks, showing people toilet and changing facilities, providing seats for feeding etc.)
  • Help with sling and carrier demos if not needed for other roles (** this will depend on your own competence and confidence in using and demonstrating slings – for longer-term members of staff additional training in babywearing peer support and carrying consultation will be provided).
  • Other customer service, sales and administration support in person, by phone and by email as needed.

To Apply

Please send us your CV with a covering letter explaining your interest in the Sling Library and how you feel your experience, knowledge and abilities would fit with our friendly little team!

Applications and any questions regarding the role to be sent to: Emily Williamson,

We will accept applications by email only (please don’t send by private message, text, facebook, etc.).  Deadline is Monday 10th April.

We will aim to reply to all applicants by email; we may ask you follow up questions, and/or call you or invite you for an informal interview and/or trial session as part of the recruitment process.

Thanks for your interest!


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