About Sarah

I discovered babywearing while I was researching my dissertation, as a Student Midwife, & I was hooked. I then included it my Midwifery Practice by including a discussion about the benefits of keeping baby close in my Antenatal Classes. I have always wanted to enable parents & babies to form & maintain the best relationships they can.

I have two children, one born in 2008 & the other in 2011, who couldn’t be more different to each other if they tried! I think the only thing they have ever had in common was their need to be carried. Over my carrying years, I used many different types of slings & carriers, finding that different slings were perfect for different situations & ages/stage of development.

I trained as a Babywearing Peer Supporter with Born to Carry & The School of Babywearing, & as a Babywearing Consulatant with The School of Babywearing, & worked alongside Emily for nearly two years, before beginning to run additional carrying advice sessions for South London Sling Library in 2017. In 2018, as Emily has begun to step back to concentrate on other things, I have taken the Library forward, to new locations, days & with new carriers.

If you had asked me before my children were born, if I thought I’d be running a Sling Library once they were at school, I would probably have laughed at you but, here I am & it feels totally right for me. I love helping people find out what works for them & seeing the ‘lightbulb moment’ that so many families have when they find their “right” carrier, is amazing!