Sarah from South London Sling Library

The South London Sling Library was founded in June 2011 by Emily, mum to 2, and experienced Babywearing Consultant.  The Sling Library is an entirely self-funded service that Emily set up because she was passionate about helping all parents carry their babies!  With very limited resources she started very small and SLSL’s Sarah still runs all services to fit around looking after her own children.

In 2016, Sarah started working alongside Emily, & in 2018, as Emily moved on to other things, Sarah bought the Library & has continued to support parents & families around South London. Sarah is a former Midwife & is still passionate about helping people on their parenting journey.

Sarah has studied with 3 Babywearing Schools, Born to Carry, School of Babywearing, and SlingaBaby, first as a Peer Supporter, then as a Babywearing Consultant, and various professional development courses including, Babywearing in Special Circumstances (Premature Babies & Additional Needs), Breast/Chest & Bottle Feeding in Slings and more. She has also undertaken LGBTQ+ Competency Training with The Queer Birth Club & a course in Understanding Tongue Function with the Tongue Tie Training Academy.

The SLSL is a very small organisation (just Sarah & Bethan our wonderful SLSL Volunteer), but we are knowledgeable, very experienced, and enthusiastic! We aim to provide easy-to-access expert information about safe, comfortable babywearing and baby carriers to as many people as possible. 

You can read some comments from users of our service on our Facebook page.

The Library is open to any parent or carer who’d like help with carriers and slings (whether you’re from South London or not!).   If you have any further questions about the SLSL and the services we offer, please email info@southlondonslings.co.uk.

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