Don’t Cut The Toes Off Your BabyGro’s!

This has come up a couple of times at Sling Sessions lately, so I wanted to address it. There’s a popular group, on a very popular social media platform that advises parents to cut the toes off their child’s babygros to avoid “toe crunch”. Now I understand “toe crunch” – we’ve all experienced trouser rise, right? When you sit down & the bottom of your trouser legs is swinging in the breeze around the top of your ankle. Well, now imagine that your socks are sewn onto the bottoms of your trousers & pulled up at the same time that your trousers are… that’s toe crunch. I just don’t think we need to go to such drastic measures as cutting up our kids’ clothes to solve it.

As many of us are having to pinch the pennies and may be buying and selling our kids’ clothes (and stuff for ourselves) on the second-hand market, which is going to be much harder if we have to butcher their clothes to be able to use our slings/carriers. There are MUCH simpler options. Either use footless babygro’s or, once you pop your baby into the sling/carrier, simply find their feet & pull the toes of their babygro forward to make sure they have enough space for their toes.