When Should I Visit The Sling Library?

Every few weeks I get an email from someone who’s pregnant, wanting to know whether they should come to visit the Sling Library before their baby is born so that they have a sling ready or wait until afterwards, so they can try some slings/carriers on with their baby.

The truth is that there’s no right or wrong answer.

Some people feel like they need as much information as possible before their baby arrives. They come along while they are still pregnant, to investigate their options, knowing that they can try on some options, using our weighted demo dolls, whilst others (things with big structured waistbands) may be tricky if their body is a very different shape to usual. In this situation, we can usually find something that will work for the first few weeks/months & they can then try other options later, as their baby grows, to find something that will continue to work as their baby moves beyond the fourth trimester.

Other people prefer to wait until their baby has arrived, manage the first few weeks without a sling/carrier & then come along to try some options, first with our weighted demo dolls & then with their baby.

Alternatively, you can do both! Allow me to introduce you to my Bump To Baby Package! The package consists of two separate appointments, one before your baby arrives, to have a first look at some options that can work early in your baby’s life, so that you can use a sling/carrier as soon as you want to. We can also look at some options that may work as your baby grows. You can try suitable options with our weighted demo dolls. You may choose to hire a sling or carrier during this appointment, although you are certainly under absolutely no obligation. You can then come back, during your baby’s first 8 weeks, to get reassurance that you are safe using your “early” sling/carrier (if that’s what you chose) &/or try alternative options that can work as your baby grows, trying these options first with our demo dolls & then with your baby. The aim is to leave you confident & comfortable in using a sling/carrier with your baby. Any sling/carrier hire is an additional £10-£15 per item. If that sounds like it might be for you – have a look here!

Lots of Love,
Sarah xXx