Online Sling Library Drop-In Session

I hope you’re all managing with the new normal that we’ve all had to adapt to. These are tricky times & we’re all just doing our best to help.

One thing that I’ve found is that I miss our Drop-In Sessions terribly. So, I’ve ordered a new tripod for my phone (say goodbye to the *slide* caused by the precariously balanced phone – he, he) & on Tuesday 28th April, we will be running a LIVE Online Sling Library Drop-In Session in our Facebook group. I will set the tripod up in front of the Sling Library shelves, so we’ll have full access to any & all of the currently “in stock” carriers. You can check what’s in stock by visiting our online catalogue. If you have any sling/carrier related questions, you can either post it beforehand or in the comments on the live chat. If there is a carrier you would particularly like to see, you can let me know in the days before, or via the live chat. If you would like to hire a sling or carrier, you can reserve it via our software & I will have it couriered to you.

If people enjoy the session & find it useful, then I’ll make it a regular thing.

Obviously, you can still book an online consultation if you’d prefer a more direct, personalised session.