Toddler Carrying – How & Why?

I meet many new parents, with teeny newborns, who when we discuss how long they would like a carrier to last, can’t imagine carrying their baby beyond the first year. Those of us with older babies & children know however, that whatever you imagine, or intend, there are times when even the biggest of babies need to be carried!

Sometimes it’s because their little legs are tired after a long day at Nursery, or they’ve fallen over & need some comfort before running off again! Sometimes it’s because you’re dashing for a bus/train, so you don’t have the buggy, but little legs don’t quite move as fast as you need them to! Sometimes we carry toddlers to keep track of them in a busy environment or a large crowd. Carrying your toddler in this type of situation can also help them have a better view of whatever is going on, for example a day at the Zoo, a Museum trip or a Firework display. Lots of people will hire a carrier to take on holiday with them, either for the airport, the beach, country walks or all of this & more!

There are many, many reasons why we may end up carrying our bigger babies, toddlers or even pre-schoolers, & sometimes a sling or carrier can help! Here are a few of our options for bigger babies & more.

Beco Toddler

Beco Toddler

Our brand new Beco Toddler from the wonderful Slumber Roo has some brilliant features. Along with Perfect Fit Adjusters on the shoulder straps, you can wear it with crossed straps or rucksack style straps, which means it fits a huge variety of body shapes. It has a supportive waist belt, with an integral pocket, plus an additional pouch & sleephood which popper on when needed. It also has padding around the legs, to keep baby comfortable. Can be used on for front, back & hip/side carrying. Fits from around 2yrs & up  (to 60lbs/27kgs). Our Beco Toddler carrier can be found & reserved here.


TulaBaby Toddler Carrier

tula_baby_hummingbirds_greyThe Toddler carrier from TulaBaby has always been popular here at SLSL. It is often hired for holidays & summer trips. Fitting from around 18-24m & up, it too has Perfect Fit Adjusters & leg padding for your little one. This carrier can be used on your front or your back, & fits up to 60lbs/27kgs. You can find & reserve it here.







The Toddler Kinderpack

This carrier hasKinderpack Effervescence been so popular here over the years that we bought the Infant Sized one too!

It is beautifully adaptable for the carrying adult, & fits a huge variety of shapes & sizes! It has a sneaky sleep hood, which tucks away neatly between the layers of the carrier & rolls up neatly on itself for storage.

The deep seat means your little one stays nice & comfortable from 18-24m up to about 4 yrs old (approx 25-45lbs/11-20kgs). You can find & reserve it here.


The Toddler ConnectaConnecta Guitars

You may be familiar with the baby sized Connecta – this is the same great design, but in a larger size! It starts fitting around 18-24m up to around 3-3.5yrs. It is safety tested to 52lbs/24kgs.

One of the best things about the Connecta Carriers, regardless of their size, is their simplicity. It is beautifully lightweight & compact, which makes it perfect for holidays or as an occasional carrier.

You can find & reserve it here.


The Izmi Toddler Carrier


As a follow on from the standard Izmi Baby Carrier, the Toddler version starts fitting from around 9-12m, up to approx 2.5-3yrs (60lbs/27kgs). It has Perfect Fit Adjusters, duel adjust buckles for ease of use & an optional hood & handy pouch, which popper on the top edge of the carrier. This carrier can be easily used in front, back & hip/side carry positions. This carrier is extremely lightweight & compact to carry when not in use. You can find & reserve it here.

Also available…..

All of the above mentioned carriers are designated Toddler carriers, but we also have a selection of carriers & slings that fit from a younger age, & up into toddlerhood.  The Boba X, the KiBi, ‘The One‘ from Isara, the Nabaca from Hoppediz, the Manduca XT & the Physio carrier from Je Porte Mon Bebe to name just a few. Many other standard baby carriers, such as the ErgoBaby or Tula’s, will comfortably support a baby to 18-24m.

How do I Get My Mitts on One of These??

If you would like to try a few of our carriers & get some input on what might suit you best, or how to use & adjust the carrier, or learn to get your little one on your back on your own*, then you can book into one of our workshops or 1 to 1’s. Alternatively, if you’re happy with choosing a carrier from the site, then you can simply reserve it online & leave a note on the reservation to let us know where you would like to collect it from (Crystal Palace – Monday’s, Forest Hill – alternate Friday’s, Lewisham – most day’s, by appointment).