Building Works Autumn/Winter 2015

The Sling Library house is undergoing essential building improvement works during autumn/winter 2015.  Unfortunately we are very sad to say that we are therefore not able to run the Sling Library as normal during this time.

Essential Information:

The Sling Library will be closed for all advice sessions and workshops for October and November 2015.  Structural building works are due to be completed by mid-December, but Sling Library services are likely to be limited until January 2016.   We may be able to offer out of hours hire, purchase and postal hire of specified carriers during this time.

Please accept our sincere apologies for not being able to help all you lovely parents out there during this time.  We will keep our website and Facebook pages updated as works progress and will be in touch with everyone currently hiring a sling or carrier to explain how this will affect them.

Please check the Event Calendar for upcoming service availability.

Please read below for more details and get in touch if you need to by emailing  Please note that there may be delays in responding to messages during this time, but we will get back to everyone as soon as we’re able to.

Thanks for your understanding!

More Details About the SLSL Building Works

What is Happening to the Sling Library?!

As many of you are aware, the Sling Library house is due to undergo significant structural building works this autumn.   These will result in big improvements to the spaces available for the Sling Library, and pave the way for us to expand the services we’re able to offer. Hooray!

BUT this will involve some pain before we can experience all the benefits.

The works in the house are extensive and will involve the removal of several structural walls, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a huge amount of old dusty plaster.  They will then involve the installation of at least 5 structural steels, several concrete lintels, 2 new bathrooms and a kitchen.  Not to mention all the plumbing, electrics, plastering, flooring and decorating to be done!

Structural works are due to start on 1st October, and planned to continue for 10 weeks until mid-December.

Eeek!  Wish us luck!

How Will this Affect Sling Library Services?

We had hoped that we could minimise disruptions to existing Sling Library services whilst works were ongoing.  But we also need to ensure that we are protecting the safety, needs and comfort of everyone using, living and working in the spaces.  We’ve had long discussions with everyone using the building, with our building contractors and with our insurers to work out the best way to responsibly manage the building works.

The only way to ensure the safety of everyone whilst large sections of the building are not structurally sound is for us to close the sling library for all services for the duration of the works.

We are really really sorry that we may let a lot of parents down during this time, but it is essential that we prioritise the safety of everyone in the building.  It is just not going to be possible to make the Sling Library spaces safe and comfortable whilst so many walls are being removed!

How the SLSL Team will try to help

We will do our best to offer flexible returns and hire terms for everyone who is already hiring a sling or carrier from us.  We will also try to accommodate requests for out of hours hires, postal hires and purchases of specified slings and carriers (i.e. if you know what brand and model you’d like to borrow/buy then we’ll do our best to help!)

We have hired a shipping container to home the Sling Library stock for the duration of the works so that we can still maintain some access our slings and carriers.  However, to protect our stock, we will need to pack everything away and may not always be able to easily find Sling Library slings, carriers and files.

We will not be running any regular drop-in Open Sessions, pre-booked Workshops or Consultations.  We will be unable to offer any out of hours person-to-person advice or demonstrations, though will make times when we can be contacted to answer your questions by phone or Skype.  Please check the website calendar and Facebook pages for notices about these.

Other Local Sling and Carrier Services

You may be able to reach other local Sling and Carrier support services to help you during this time.  Here are some resources which may help you find something near you!

Many London Sling Libraries and Consultants are Listed on the Slinging London Site 

There are listings of more Sling support services (including those outside the M25) on the following sites:

And the following Facebook Pages/Groups can also be helpful:

Thanks so much for your understanding and patience!

We really appreciate your understanding during this time.  We will do our best to be contactable by email, but due to these huge disruptions there are likely to be delays in responding to messages.

Please be mindful that Emily’s own home and family is also being completely turned upside-down by these building works, and that all of the sling library team have busy lives and responsibilities outside helping at the Sling Library.  We all put a huge amount of our time, energy and resources into trying to offer carrying help to as many parents as possible, but sometimes we just need to prioritise other aspects of our work and home lives.

We all look forward to being back and better than ever in our new and improved Sling Library spaces as soon as possible.  Please keep checking our Facebook page for updates!

Thanks again!

Emily and all the SLSL family and team! xxx

© 2015 South London Sling Library
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