Easter Holidays April 2015

It’s nearly school holiday time again!  Because we’re busy mums with children to keep active, the Sling Library will be closed for 1 1/2 weeks over the 2015 School Easter Holidays as follows:


The Library will be closed for all drop-in Open Sessions and Workshops from April 2nd – 14th 2015.  There’s still time to pop into an Open Session during March to hire a sling or carrier for your April carrying needs 🙂


Longer-than-usual Easter hires will be offered from some March Open Sessions and Workshops at a reduced rate as follows:

Hires taken on the 23rd/24th/25th March: Will be for 4 weeks at 1/2 price (you pay the rate for 2 weeks) and will be due back on the 20th/21st/22nd April.

Hires taken on the 30th/31st March and 1st April: Will be for 4 weeks at 1/2 price (you pay the rate for 2 weeks) and will be due back on the 27th/28th/29th April.

Any extensions over the Sling Library Easter Holidays will be priced depending on the exact dates the hire runs for; please contact us for details.  You can now pay hire extension fees online via this page: SLSL Hire Extensions


The Sling Library will be closed for all services between Thursday 2nd April and Monday 14th April – we will not be in the office or planning to reply to emails or phone/text messages during this time.  For emergency queries regarding existing hires only, you may call Emily directly using her mobile number on your hire paperwork.

On Tuesday 15th April regular Open Sessions start again, though email/phone support and out of hours services will be subject to increased delays for another week or so as we catch up on everything!

Have a wonderful Easter holiday and see you after the break! 😀 x

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