Summer Holidays 2014

It’s finally getting warm and after a very busy year and a house move the South London Sling Library is finally going on holiday for a well-earned break! (Well we say a ‘break’, and the kids will be off school, but if you know Emily then you’ll know that she finds it very hard to sit still so while we’re closed we’ll also be re-wiring and re-pointing the Sling Library house, amongst other things!)

The Library will therefore be closed for all drop-in Open Sessions and Workshops for the month of August 2014.  There’s still time to pop into an Open Session during the last 2 weeks of July to hire a sling or carrier for your summer.  Longer-than-usual Summer hires will be offered over August at a reduced rate as follows:

Hires taken on the 21st/22nd July: Will be for 6 weeks at 1/2 price (you pay the rate for 3 weeks) and will be due back on the 1st/2nd September.

Hires taken on the 28th/29th July: Will be for 6 weeks at 1/2 price (you pay the rate for 3 weeks) and will be due back on the 8th/9th September.

Rates for 3 week hires are more than the 2 week rate shown on the Sling Library Catalogue pages, but you do get 3 weeks’ hire free so we hope you won’t mind!

Any extensions over the Sling Library Summer Holidays will be priced depending on exact dates the hire runs for, with similar reductions for extensions over the months of August.

The Sling Library will be closed for all services between 1st-18th August – we will not reply to emails or phone/text messages for much of this time.  During 18th-31st August we will be operating a skeleton service, including some email support and emergency out of hours hire appointments only.  From 1st September regular Open Sessions start again, though email/phone support and out of hours services will be subject to increased delays until mid-late September as both of us will be settling our children in new schools/nurseries!

For more information on Summer and Hot Weather Slinging, see our blog post: Slinging in the Sun!

And have a wonderful summer and see you in September! 😀 x

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