The Sling Library has moved house!

A very quick post while I briefly have internet access (we’re not connected at the new house yet!).

The Sling Library has now moved house to it’s own fabulous rooms at 194 Beckenham Road, Beckenham, BR3 4RJ.  It’s not quite a central London postcode (we’re technically the first house in Kent – next door is still in SE20!), but it’s really not far away (only 15 mins drive from the old location) and is very easy to get to by public transport from a wide range of locations.  Have a look on our More About Open Sessions page for lots of info on how to get here and parking etc.

If you’ve got any questions then, as always, you can email, but please note that we have no internet access and are VERY busy getting the Sling Library ready to re-open on Monday 20th so it may take a little while for us to reply!  We thank everyone for their patience and understanding & for a sneak peak of what we’re up to see below…..

The new house is wonderful, but very much a work in progress so you’ll need to bear with us at times over the coming months while we do essential works (like installing central heating, repairing the guttering, re-pointing and re-wiring as a start!)

The Sling Library rooms have been top priority since we got the keys a week ago and with the help of lots of friends and family we’ve worked wonders.  It’s not quite finished, but will be very soon and is a world away from the peeling damp and dirty wallpaper and holes in the ceiling that we started with!

Here’s just a taster of what we’ve been up to….

Here’s what we started with when we got the keys on Friday 10th Jan:

The way in and some of the walls (this house is in need of a LOT of TLC!):

The surprise bath that we didn’t know was in the Sling Library entrance (the house was so full of stuff when we viewed it that we couldn’t see this was here!):

So we did some stripping (in fact we had to take all of the walls back to bare plaster):


And building and filling of holes (and we took out the bath!):

And then it all went white! (We’ve used at least 40 litres of white paint!)


And we got carpets (and super thick warm bouncy underlay)!

And then on Thursday 16th we started moving in!

We’ve still got lots to do, and I know that we’ve not been able to reply to messages much over the last week (at least now you know why!), but bear with us while we beaver away and we hope to see you at our new home soon!

Emily xx

© 2014 South London Sling Library
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