Poly-sling-philia: The abnormal love of slings and baby carriers….

A little post-bank-holiday silliness going on at SLSL HQ this evening!

When people ask why I set up the Sling Library there is a sensible answer, which involves meeting the needs of local parents and how much I enjoy the chance to meet and help so many families…. and then there is this…..

Poly-sling-philia picture

For your regular treatment of exposure to high quality, comfortable slings and baby carriers, fully supervised by a professional carrying consultant, pop along to one of our drop-in Open Sessions (which may feature many of the slings pictured above)!

If you’re not in or near South London, then have a look at this great page from Babywearing UK that allows you to search a map of local sling and baby carrier help in the UK: Babywearing UK: Local Support

See you soon!

Emily xx

© 2013 South London Sling Library
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