Wrap Straps

Today I’m enthusing about Wrap Straps!

Wrap Straps are carrier shoulder straps that are extra wide (about 30cm) and often unpadded. You’ll find them on Asian Style Carriers like Mei Tais, Half Buckle Mei Tais and Podageis and they’re usually made from woven wrap fabric.  Carriers like these are also sometimes called Wrap Conversions or Wrap-Tais (i.e. wrap fabric mei tais).

What’s good about wrap straps? Well, they allow you to spread the fabric to cup your shoulders and to add extra support on baby’s back/bottom.

You can also spread the fabric out across your back for really excellent weight distribution around your whole torso.  Wrap Straps are great for small babies as the straps can really add lovely, gentle support for their backs. And they’re also ideal if you want to use your mei tai for hip carries as the wide straps will cup your shoulder and not ride up into your neck.


For bigger babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers the wide straps helps to extend the width of the carrier body so it fits your child for longer. There’s also lots of options for spreading the fabric out to distribute your child’s increasing weight.

Wrap straps enable you to have an asian style carrier that’s easy to use but fits and supports more like a woven wrap…. and if you can’t be bothered with all that spreading out wrappiness then you can still bunch your wraps straps up and use them just like normal mei tai straps!

I’m a massive fan of wrap straps! 😀

There are several off the shelf carriers with wraps straps including: Hop-Tye, Didytai, Maya Tie, BB-tai, Wearababy Wallabi Wrap Tai, Lana baby carrier. These all have completely unpadded wrap straps.

There’s also lots of work at home mum carrier makers who convert woven wraps into mei tais (and others) with wrap straps including: Kitten Creations, Opitai, Kimimela, Monkey Mei Tai, Ocah + more!  Some of these brands offer unpadded straps or wrap straps that are partly padded to give you the advantage of padded shoulder straps whilst still being able to spread the straps out too. There’s lots of options!

The South London Sling Library has examples of almost all of these brands, though they are very popular so we rarely have them all here at once! 😀

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