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Carrying Tips: Using a Lexi Twist with tie-on carriers

I’m going to start adding tips for using various carriers to the website blog – if there’s anything you’d like me to cover, then please do get in touch by emailing and I’ll try to add it in!

Today I’m waving a flag for the Lexi Twist!

This is a technique you can use when tying a mei tai or woven wrap as an alternative to simply crossing the straps when tying.  Using a Lexi Twist can add support for a heavier baby, and help to distribute their weight better for a more comfortable carrying experience.

Here’s what a Lexi Twist looks like when used for a Mei Tai front carry:

Instead of simply crossing or knotting the carrier straps on/under baby’s bottom, you twist the straps around each other (once or twice is fine, though some people prefer even more!) so that the twist supports their bottom. This helps to lift baby’s weight and pull them more closely into to you so that the weight is held against your body and not hanging from your shoulders as much. Lots of people find that this can really help to make a carrier feel more supportive when their baby’s started to feel  a bit heavy in it 😀

Links to online instructions:

This video shows how a Lexi Twist works in a mei tai back carry, but it can also be used with woven wrap carries, and with front and hip positions too:

And it’s also shown as a variation for a front carry in the instructions here (it’s the carry at the bottom of the page):

And here’s a woven wrap tied in a Rucksack back carry with a lexi twist:

Search for ‘Lexi Twist’ online for more videos and instruction links, and please post any questions about this technique below so that I can try to answer them. Happy twisting! 😀

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