Sling hire costs are changing

From the next open day (Tuesday 31st January), the Sling Library will be putting up the hire fees and deposits for some of our carriers.

This only applies to the higher value carriers (those worth over £50 new), and is just to better reflect the values of the carriers that we’re lending out, and to help protect us fully if something isn’t returned for any reason. Hire costs are now more closely based on the value of the carrier so that the most expensive carriers cost the most to borrow, and deposits are now based on the cost to buy a new replacement for that carrier (plus accessories and instructions).

As before, our fees and deposits are taken by cash or gifted Paypal transfer, and all deposits are fully refundable once the carrier, accessories and instructions have all been returned to us complete and in the condition they were lent to you.

All of the current hire costs and deposits for each carrier are listed on the Catalogue pages. If you’ve got any questions about how we work, or any of our charges, please email and we’ll be happy to help.

© 2012 South London Sling Library
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