Christmas Competition!



The winners for our Christmas fundraising raffle have been drawn! We’ve sent all winners an email, so please check your messages and reply asap
Once again, thank you so much to everyone who supported the Library and bought tickets. Over the last month raffle ticket sales have raised just over £200, which has helped us buy some really fantastic carriers!


It’s less than 3 weeks away and we’re in a celebratory mood so here’s a chance for you to win a gorgeous baby carrier for Christmas!


To raise money to support the South London Sling Library, we’re going to raffle off one (or two…or three) gorgeous pre-loved carriers* plus some brand new babywearing accessories. 

Initially there will be one main prize, but once we’ve sold 250 tickets we’ll add another prize, and there may be more if we sell even more tickets!

Tickets cost £1 each, and you can either buy them directly from us on a Sling Library open day or at a Sling Meet, or by sending a donation to the Sling Library via cheque or bank transfer. Please email for more payment details.

We’ll allocate a real raffle ticket to each £1 donated, and hold a proper raffle draw from a Christmas Stocking on Monday 12th December (in time to get prizes posted out to winners in time for Christmas!). Winners will be announced on the SLS Library website and Facebook page, and if you’re a lucky winner we’ll contact you via email address to let you know.

All proceeds from the raffle will go to the South London Sling Library to help keep it stocked with great carriers and to help pay for running costs.

The Main Prize

We’ll start off with a first prize of a beautiful Didymos size 6 (4.8m) woven wrap. This is the Limited Edition linen-blend Caribe Fish design – a gorgeous blue wrap that’d suit a girl/boy/mum/dad, and that’s both soft for small babies and supportive for toddlers. Suitable for a wide range of front, back and hip carries from birth to toddler. It’s worth about £120 new, and comes in it’s original packaging with instructions. What a fantastic prize!

Runner-up Prizes

There’ll also be 3 runner-up prizes of brand new** babywearing accessories – a choice of a pair of rainbow striped babylegs leg warmers, a pair of aluminium sling rings for using with your woven wrap (your choice of size and colour), or super soft Fumbee strap protectors that can be used on buckle carriers or Mei tais (or pushchairs or carseats) for those with babies who like to suck and chew their carriers.


Extra Prizes

If we sell 250 raffle tickets, then we’ll add an extra prize of a beautiful and super soft size 2 Didymos Woven Wrap (further details and pictures to be added when we get there!), and if we sell 500 tickets then we’ll have a rootle around and see if there’s any other carriers we could add as a special suprise…..we may even find something buckley!


Boring but Important – Raffle Terms and Conditions:
*All of the main prizes have been very lightly used, and may not have their original packaging, but are in fantastic, as new condition.
**Babywearing accessories are all new and unused, but may not have original packaging.
1) Participation in the raffle costs £1 for each single raffle ticket, paid via cash, cheque or bank transfer
2) This raffle is open to anyone over the age of 16, however winners from outside Mainland UK may be asked to contribute to any additional postage costs incurred for sending prizes overseas.
3) No tickets can be sold to, on behalf of, or for a person under the age of 16 years.
4) All proceeds from the raffle will be put towards funding the South London Sling Library.
5) All tickets must be bought by midnight on Sunday 11th December in order to be eligble for entry to the draw.
6) The draw will take place at 8.30am on Monday 12th December – 1 ticket will be drawn at random for each of the prizes available. No individual may win more than one main prize.
7) There will be at least one main prize of a baby carrier or sling plus 3 runner up prizes of babywearing accessories. An additional main prize of a single baby carrier will be added once ticket sales have reached 250, 500 and 1000.
8) Main prizes will have a minimum value of £50 and will have been very lightly used. They may not have their original packaging, but will all be in fantastic, as new condition. Runner up prizes of Babywearing accessories are all new and unused, but may not have original packaging. Winners of runner up prizes will be given a choice of those accessories still available (first ticket drawn will get first choice)
9) The result of the raffle draw is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
10) Winners will be announced on the SLS Library website and Facebook page, and we will contact winners individually by email.
11) Winners must respond to their notification email – giving their full name and postal address – within 2 days in order to secure their prize. If there is no response, then their ticket will be re-drawn, and the prize offered to another participant.
12) This raffle is being run in accordance with the Gambling Act 2005 (Incidental Non-Commercial Lotteries) Regulations 2007.
12) If you require any further information or clarification, please contact the South London Sling Library by emailing


© 2012 South London Sling Library
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