Meet the Demo Dolls!

The South London Sling Library is proud to introduce Frankie and Fred (named by my 6 year old); our two babywearing demonstration dolls!  Both dolls are weighted to help give you a better idea of how a sling works when using it with a real baby so that you can practise your slinging skills safely.

Fred is a specially bought babywearing doll and is about the weight and size of a 2 month old baby; Frankie is a home-made effort and is about the size of an 18 month old toddler.  When you come to the Library, we’ll encourage you to try out any sling with one or both dolls to help you get confident using it before you attempt it with your own little one.

We always recommend that you feel comfortable using a carrier before you try it with your own child.  Babies and toddlers quickly pick up if you’re nervous or uncomfortable, and will often respond to this by becoming fussy or refusing to be carried.  So it’s better to practise first, and wait for both of you to be calm and content before trying a new carry or carrier. If you’re practising using a sling at home and don’t have the help of Fred or Frankie, you could try substituting a pillow/cushion (using the corners as shoulders and feet) or a rolled up small-medium sized towel. This will give you an idea of how the weight will sit in the carrier, and allows you to practise tying your sling in your own time and without the worry of a fussing baby.

And here they are being used together for the first time in a tandem carry; Fred is in a Woven Wrap on my front, and Frankie is in a Mei Tai on my back! There are many ways to carry two children; the easiest involve using a Wrap or Mei Tai on the front for the smaller child, and a short Woven Wrap, Mei Tai or SSC on the back for the bigger child. Ask us for more ideas, and come and practise with the dolls!

© 2012 South London Sling Library
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