*IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ* Library Summer Holidays

Due to school and summer holidays THE SOUTH LONDON SLING LIBRARY IS CLOSED from 25th July to 24th August.  I’ll try to access and reply to emails and messages if possible, but please be patient if there are delays during this time. If you have already borrowed a carrier, you may return it between 8th-10th August.  Please email me to let me know when you plan to drop it off. Full Library service will resume in September.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about or problems with using any baby carrier, please refer to the following useful websites:
www.slingguide.co.uk (a great resource for information about the different types of baby carriers)
www.naturalmamas.co.uk (a friendly parenting forum with a babywearing focus – you can ask any questions you might have about certain carriers and there’s lots of other parents happy to help)

And if you’d like to meet real parents to talk about carriers, use the following sites to find a local Sling Meet:

Have a lovely summer!

© 2012 South London Sling Library
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