Manduca Baby and Child Carrier

The Manduca Baby and Child Carrier is a Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) that has an integral newborn support pouch and an extendable body height so that it can be used from birth to toddler.  It buckles to your body with a supportive, padded waistband and two shoulder straps that can be worn in a variety of ways. All buckles are fully adjustable, with additional sliders for adjusting the length of the shoulder straps, so that the child’s weight is distributed comfortabley and evenly across the parent’s hips and torso. The carrier itself can be worn front, back or hip depending on how old your child is; it fully supports a child’s hips, legs and spine in the recommended position and also has a fold-away sleep hood to support a sleepy head. It’s made from organic cotton and hemp fabric, and though very strong isn’t too bulky or hot feeling on the body (so a good SSC choice for summer).  A very good quality carrier with lots of useful features and an unfussy, sporty look.

Here’s the Manduca used in a front carry:

And in a back carry:

Type of carrier: Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)

Features: Organic cotton and hemp fabric, dual adjustable buckles, sleep hood, integrated newborn support, adjustable height body for taller babies and toddlers, detachable chest strap.

Suitable for: All parents and all children, depending on carry used.

Carrying positions: Front, back and hip.

Ease of use: Fairly straightforward to use once you’ve got the knack, however fastening buckles behind your back for front carries can be a little tricky, as can scooting your baby around to your back for back carries.  The shoulder straps have adjustable length to fit different sized parents, which is great for comfort, but you’ll have to keep readjusting these if more than on person uses the carrier. SSCs are and easy and useful way to back carry an older child if you also have a small baby on your front.

Comfort: The Manduca has a very adjustable fit, and when properly adjusted, this carrier can be very comfortable and distributes the child’s weight very well.  However, as with most SSCs, it may not be possible to get the ideal fit and this depends on the shape of both parent and child.  Some may find the chest buckle digs when back carrying, and carrying without this can pull on the shoulders, which can become uncomfortable.

Overall Verdict: A top quality, feature filled and versatile carrier that’s suitable for all children and parents.  It’s a lightweight, convenient and comfortable carrier for mid length trips and holidays, though can become uncomfortable on longer trips if it’s not the ideal shape and size for you and your baby.

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