Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

This Ring Sling has been professionally made out of a Hopediz Costa Rica wrap by Sleeping Baby Productions.  Many professional carrier makers offer the service of converting a woven wrap into another type of carrier.  This means that you get the added features and ease of use of the new carrier, but also the support, flexibility and comfort of the specially woven wrap fabric.  This particular ring sling has large bronze coloured aluminium rings and a very neat pleated shoulder that’s not at all bulky, and allows the rings to sit comfortabley near your shoulder.  There’s no padding to position and it can be worn on either shoulder.  I loved using this for shorter trips from the car into shops or school as I put the ring sling on before we leave, wear it while driving and it makes the transfer from the car very quick and easy!  Great for using at a busy time of day when you don’t need any fussing.

Type of carrier: Ring Sling

Features: 100% cotton, made of wide and supportive specially woven wrap fabric, “SBP pleated shoulder” so can be used on either shoulder

Suitable for: All parents and all children, depending on carry used.

Carrying positions: Front and hip.

Ease of use: Very easy and quick to use once you’ve got the knack – the rings allow you to easily adjust the sling to get the best fit without having to fiddle with buckles or straps.  The positions used change as your child develops and from 6 months will mainly be in a sitting position – at this stage a ring sling basically supports you carrying your child in a natural position on your hips (where most parents will put a child if carrying in their arms).  Very convenient carrier for shorter trips and for using at home, and useful for toddlers who only want to walk some of the time as you can just wear the sling over your shoulder and pop your child in and out as required.  Using ring slings can also be a useful way of carrying twins.

Comfort: Very comfortable and supportive to wear for shorter periods (up to about an hour), though as a one shouldered carrier it can feel lopsided or uncomfortable for longer periods or with heavier/bigger children.  The rings allow the sling to be fully adjustable to fit both parent and child, holding the child close to parent’s body and putting less strain on the parent’s back.  As there are no buckles or fastenings (other than the rings), then there’s nothing to dig in or get in the wrong place.

Overall Verdict: A supportive, comfortable ring sling that’s very easy to use and in a neutral unisex colour.  The specially woven wrap fabric makes it very comfortable to wear and easy to adjust so it doesn’t need padding.  This makes it great for keeping in your bag as it rolls up small, and means that it’s not bulky to wear.  A very practical, reliable, solid carrier that we really enjoy using!

To hire this carrier from the South London Sling Library, email southlondonslings@hotmail.co.uk to check it’s availability and find out more!  We now have a very good range of different ring slings made from woven wrap fabric with different types of shoulder to suit different preferences. To see our selection, visit the Ring Slings and Pouches catalogue page.

This carrier has been bought with help from The London Door Company.


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