Bebina Rainbow

This is one of my personal wraps that I’ve decided to make available to the Library so that others can try it.  It’s a beautiful woven wrap made by brand Bebina and is woven in gorgeous rainbow colours.  Here’s me with my 16 month old daughter, using the Bebina Rainbow woven wrap in a supportive and comfortable Double Hammock back carry.

Woven Wrap for Hire

Type of carrier: Woven Wrap

Features: 100% cotton, rainbow stripe, size 6 (4.7m long)

Suitable for: All parents and all children, depending on carry used.

Carrying positions: Front, Hip, Back and Breastfeeding

Ease of use: As with all woven wraps, it may require some practice to be able to use correctly.  Once you have learnt, it is as easy as using a Mei Tai or any other carrier that ties on.  As it is very long it can be less practical than other carriers when wrapping outside in wet, windy or muddy conditions.

Comfort: Very comfortable and supportive to wear for a significant period of time.

Overall Verdict: Lovely wrap in gorgeous, happy colours that’s wide, supportive and easy to wrap with.  One of my favourites!

To hire this baby carrier from the South London Sling Library, email to check it’s availability and find out more!

This carrier has been bought with help from The London Door Company.


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