South London Slings

Sarah - a white woman with brown wavy hair, looking at the camera. She is carrying a demo doll in a pink and grey sling.

Hi – I’m Sarah & I run South London Sling Library. (This is me -on the left – on a good hair day!) I am a former Midwife & mother to two. I am also a qualified & insured Carrying Consultant. Here you will find links to get carrying advice/information in a consultation, hire a sling or carrier, buy an online sling “Trouble-Shooting” Course, or simply go straight to the webshop! Please get in touch if you can’t find what you’re looking for! Chat Soon! xXx

Beco 8 Baby Carrier
Tula Explore Baby Carrier

What Other Parents Say About South London Sling Library

“We went to the park after we left yours, & I carried her confidently.”


“Speaking to a highly knowledgeable person really helped us to be clear on what we needed and to choose and adjust the sling that is best for us. Why guess when you can use this service and be sure.”


“Sarah was fantastic helping me with my baby carrier. I feel so much more confident and she’s made me love carrying – thank you so much!”


“It was so helpful to try a range of carriers with Sarah, her knowledge and guidance was incredible and she made the process very easy.”


“I had a great online consultation this week to get help with feeding in a carrier and sling that I already had. Sarah gave me knowledgeable advice which will help me get even more use out of my slings.”


“SLSL’s Sarah is extremely helpful! She gives excellent expert advice.

Hiring a wrap or carrier is a really nice way to get familiar with carrying your baby and trying before you buy.

Highly recommend booking a consultation, so you can use a wrap/carrier with confidence.”


“Great service, very helpful and respond quickly. Hired a sling for our holiday which proved invaluable.”