South London Slings

We are an independent service providing expert sling and baby carrier advice sessions (Drop-In’s, Workshops & Private Consultations) and hire from locations across South London. Our Consultants are qualified and insured.

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Beco 8 Baby Carrier
Tula Explore Baby Carrier


Private Consultations

A session dedicated to whatever you need. Choose up to 30 or 90 minutes, in Lewisham or Crystal Palace. Learn about your options before Baby arrives, find your first sling/carrier, learn to back carry your bigger baby, or something else – it’s up to you! See Details…

Drop-In Sessions

Our Drop-In Sessions are busy group sessions where you can get help with a sling or a carrier, either from one of our Volunteers or from a Babywearing Consultant. See Details…


Our workshops are small group sessions (max 6 adults) which are focussed on a particular theme or skill. Come & learn with others who are looking for the same sort of information as you. See Details…

What other parents say

“We went to the park after we left yours, & I carried her confidently.”

– Angela

“Sarah is quite brilliant. You need a bit of knowhow to use a sling and Sarah has so much knowledge – we wouldn’t have been able to do it without her guidance. It is a brilliant way of being mobile with your child and makes our daughter so much happier than time spent in the stroller. I can’t recommend it enough.”


“SLSL’s Sarah is extremely helpful! She gives excellent expert advice.

Hiring a wrap or carrier is a really nice way to get familiar with carrying your baby and trying before you buy.

Highly recommend booking a consultation, so you can use a wrap/carrier with confidence.

– Chantal

“Great service, very helpful and respond quickly. Hired a sling for our holiday which proved invaluable.”