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We are an independent, Mum-run service providing expert sling and baby carrier advice classes and hire from locations across South London. All of our Consultants are qualified and insured.

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We use our Sling Library blog to post news announcements, carrier reviews, changes to the way the Library works, plus carrier tips and information articles. The most recent blog posts appear on the Library website Home page with the most recent first.  Older blog posts can be found by browsing the sections of the ‘News and Reviews’ menu to the right.

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How a Sling or Baby Carrier Can Help When You Have a Newborn

Being born, by any method, is a hugely impactful event in the life of a baby! You can’t really get two environments that stand in such stark contrast to each other, as life in utero & life on the outside!


So, as you can see above, it is understandable that babies can feel confused, & even slightly distressed at the sudden changes in their environment. When you hold your baby on your chest, they experience familiar sounds & movements, such as your heartbeat, breathing & the vibrations of your voice. The small bumps around Mum’s nipples (Montgomery Tubercles) give off a smell which is similar to her amniotic fluid &, as babies have quite a well developed sense of smell, is familiar.

Carrying baby in a sling or baby carrier can help to negate some of the differences between the before/after birth environment. It can:
• Help to keep the baby warm (although do be aware of what you’re both wearing, you don’t want to overheat)
• Allow the baby to hear the noises of your heartbeat & breathing that are familiar to them
• Provide a gentle pressure/feeling of containment that is familiar
• Provide gentle, almost constant movement
• Enable you to respond quickly to early hunger cues, as baby is kept close by, which reduces crying

If you need help with finding the right sling or carrier for you, come along to one of our Workshops or Consultations.

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